Super Premium Pet Nutrition

Founded in 2007, Mid America Pet Food’s family of brands include VICTOR® Super Premium Pet Food, Eagle Mountain Pet Food®, Wayne FeedsTM and Nature’s Logic®.

Based in East Texas, Mid America Pet Food offers super premium pet nutrition to fuel your loyal companions.


Victor Bags of food

VICTOR® Super Premium Pet Food

Proven nutrition. Fueled by passion. We believe every ingredient should serve a nutritional purpose. That’s why our formulas are backed by science and designed to foster a healthy life for active dogs, so you can feel good about the nutrition that’s fueling your companion.



Eagle Mountain Pet Food®

The bond with our dogs is pure and simple – they are a best friend whose love is unconditional. Choosing their food should be simple too. Eagle Mountain Pet Food® provides the complete nutrition your dog needs at a price that just makes sense.

Nature’s Logic®

Offering a line of 100% natural, premium quality pet food, treats and supplements that contain NO synthetic vitamins, our mission is to apply the logic of nature to everything we touch.


Offering premium pet food based on the latest research to keep your companions healthy and happy in the field, Wayne Feeds uses high-quality ingredients to deliver the nutrition your pet deserves.