Welcoming Nature’s Logic

MAPF welcomes Nature’s Logic®

Aug 02, 2021 |

Mid America Pet Food is happy to announce that we have expanded our portfolio with the recent acquisition of Nature’s Logic®.

Welcoming Nature’s Logic to our family of brands allows us the exciting opportunity to maintain focus on our mission of delivering high quality, reliable pet nutrition uniquely designed to foster a healthy and active life for the pets we love. Both VICTOR and Nature’s Logic brands bring unique benefits to pet parents and their loyal companions, and we look forward to offering an expanded approach to pet nutrition.

“Mid America Pet Food has experienced significant growth, and the acquisition of Nature’s Logic is an exciting opportunity for us as we share a united passion for pet nutrition,” said Greg Cyr, CEO of Mid America Pet Food. “Welcoming Nature’s Logic to the MAPF family of brands fulfills an exciting expansion to our approach in offering nutritious formulas as Nature’s Logic strongly aligns with MAPF’s mission. We look forward to serving a new set of pet parents and loyal companions as we continue to offer super premium nutrition within each brand while maintaining the integrity of what has made them each successful thus far.”

If you have any questions, please reach out to Hillary Wagner.