Introducing their new favorite treat.

May 13, 2020 |

Staying true to our passion for offering scientifically advanced ingredients that are packed with quality, these treats, like our pet food formulas, are built upon our proven VICTOR core ingredients.  

In addition to utilizing VICTOR core ingredients, we work to ensure that every ingredient in the treats meet our own high standards of quality and offer the nutrition you want and your dog deserves .  

“Introducing VICTOR Crunchy Treats allows us to provide a high-quality treat with flavors that dogs are sure to love at a great value,” said Greg Cyr, CEO of Mid America Pet Food. “VICTOR has a history of offering super premium pet food at a great price and that’s something we’re proud to be building upon with this new treat line.”

Our commitment to always strive to provide the highest-quality ingredients remains steadfast as our treats have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

“These treats are a natural extension for VICTOR,” said Michael Keith, Senior Vice President of Sales and Nutrition at Mid America Pet Food. “We’re happy to offer a treat for the passionate fans of our brand that mirrors the nutritional quality their dogs already enjoy in VICTOR Super Premium Dog Food.”

In the coming weeks you can look for VICTOR Crunchy Dog Treats where VICTOR is sold. Find your closest store carrying VICTOR here.